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Hello, I'm
Lambros Lambrou

Business Broker / Language Trainer
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Hello – my name is Lambros Lambrou. I was born in Ndola, Zambia of British and Cypriot parents. My first language is English and I speak, read, write and understand five other languages at various levels of fluency. I have been researching and studying and teaching languages for more than 15 years.

In addition to my teaching experience, I have been engaged in business for over 20 years.

  • Name: Lambros Lambrou
  • Email: lambroslambrou@msn.com
  • Phone: (+357) - 99-122050
  • Date of birth: 23 April 1965
  • Address: Suite 8 Eden Apts., Limassol, Cyprus.
  • Nationalities: British, Cypriot, South Africa

My Skills

Just some of my skills

Amongst many skills I have acquired over the years, below you will see the most relevant for me now.

Real Estate Brokerage Investment

25 years

Business Development

18 years

Language Training & Research

16 years

Cyprus Investment, PR and EU Citizenship

4 years


During the last 25 years I have encountered numerous business environments and gained invaluable knowledge of each. Below are just some of the  fields I have been most exposed to.

  • Real Estate Investment
  • Investment in Cyprus
  • Languages & Training
  • Website for Business
  • Retail
  • Real Estate Development
  • Investment in South Africa
  • Foreign Workers
  • Social Media
  • Staff Training
  • Diamond Industry
  • Agriculture Investment
  • IELTS & Immigration
  • Online Broadcasting
  • Other

Language Skills

I developed the Language Logic Method for learning a language. It is a method which will shorten your learning time and improve information retention efficiency. It will refine the way you attain language fluency in not only a shorter time frame but most important of all, in a way that makes you enthusiastic about the time you have to spend learning it.

The Language Logic Method is based on what I call ‘learning sequencing’ and ‘Language Mapping’. ‘Developing your route and then branching out’. By ensuring a definite beginning and ending, knowing your origin and your destination, will help you focus on what is expected of you to achieve your goal.

The study material is separated into 3 modules with one module progressing from the other. This is termed ‘The Three Levels of Fluency’. After completing the 1st Level of Fluency you will be able to read write and speak your target language. It is of such a complete standard that it may be adequate for your purposes. The levels are designed such that you can take up the next level at any following convenient time.



25 Years Experience!

My business experience crosses many boarders such as; real estate, agriculture, retail, transactions in the diamond industry, renewable energy and others. The fields of experience outlined below are dominant.

Real Estate Brokerage

Managing Director

1999 - 2017
I am an experience real estate broker of more than 20 years.

From the age of nine though I often accompanied my father, Hilarion Lambrou, who established his first real estate office in 1974 in South Africa. In 1992 I managed my father’s real estate agency and trained real estate agents on the techniques of sales and customer service. Later in 1999 when my father retired, I ran my own brokerage and was involved in sales of residential and commercial real estate. In addition I was actively involved in real estate development and specialized in identifying unique investment opportunities which included the improvement of real estate market value.

Language Trainer


2001 - 2017
My first language is English and I speak, read, write and understand six other languages at various levels of fluency. I have been researching, studying and teaching languages for more than 15 years.
Business broker


2005 - 2017
After gaining insight into various fields of industry, I learned to identify opportunities in the business environment. Such business opportunities I documented after extensive research and presented them to small and large investors who successfully profited. Fields of particular interest to me are real estate, agriculture and the diamond industry.


1986 - 1989
I spent four year in the telecommunication environment qualifying in electro-mechanics and fiber optics.


1980 - 2017
I have participated in sports such as; rugby, soccer, swimming, karate, cricket, athletics and tennis.


Let's Keep In Touch

I am available at the contact details below. At times I am traveling so just drop me an email and I will reply within 24 hours. Thank you

Suite 8, Eden Apts., Limassol, Cyprus
(+357) 99122050 or 97774473

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Lambros Lambrou